Adult Riding at LDPC

At Lilydale District Pony Club we are delighted to provide opportunities for adult riders aged over 25.  Once pony club riders surpass the dreaded 25 years old, they are no longer able to ride at pony club rallies / events and are thrust into the big wide world away from pony club! Well that’s how it used to be!  Our club is super lucky that our membership also caters for adult riders aged over 25.

Adult riding rallies are held separately to the children’s rallies and are on the 3rd Saturday of every month at our Pony Club grounds at Karoola. Our rallies offer a variety of lesson options including flat work, pole exercises, show jumping, cross country and games in small lesson groups with very talented, qualified instructors.  Our adult membership has grown in popularity over recent years and we currently have approximately 40 financial adult riding members.

Adult riders are also invited to compete in some PC one day events (at grades 5 and 4 only)

We have members who travel from all around Northern Tasmania – including areas such as Ringarooma, Scottsdale, George Town, Lebrina, Patersonia, Westbury, Deviot and Rowella.  Adult riders of all riding levels are welcome – we have pleasure riders, dressage riders, show riders, eventers, breeders and endurance riders! It is a pleasure to be involved with such a diverse, fun, friendly and most importantly, supportive group of adult riders who provide encouragement to others. We all have something in common – horses and a desire to improve our riding while having fun at the same time.

Contact our adult riding coordinators, Janice Van Riel and Jayne Blyth via email at lilydalepc@gmail.com if you would like more information about joining as an adult riding member at Lilydale District Pony Club.

Lilydale Adult Riders having fun!